Teach English in YintAn Zhen - Beihai Shi

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Watching the difference of approach between the two lessons proved very useful, especially dealing with grammar points. As a native English speaker, certain grammatical concepts such as modal auxiliary verbs, seem a simple concept without even fully knowing the name of the grammar rules. However, seeing the teacher successfully use the ESA method in the second lesson shows how you can teach students these concepts in a fun and engaging manner allowing them to fully understand the concept without using intimidating jargon. It follows closely the idea of the primacy of speech in language learning. They are learning the concept of modal auxiliary verbs through hearing and using the language, not reading and studying the idea of it. With the approach the teacher was taking in the first language, it was a cause of frustration for all, the students and the teacher. He was frustrated that nobody was participating in the classes and was very clearly showing his disappointment. The students were frustrated that they were not understanding the lesson and were not able to learn and engage. In contrast with the second video where everybody seemed to be enjoying themselves and fully engaged in the learning process, one can definitely see the benefits of using the ESA method effectively and the contagious nature of excitement about learning.