Teach English in Yingpan Zhen - Beihai Shi

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There are several methods for teaching a second language (L2) that try to mimic the way we learned our native language (L1); each has its pros and cons. The method or combination of methods that you would use depends on your personality, the students' learning level, and the cultural environment. An effective program that pulls ideas from many methods is the Engage-Study-Activate method (ESA). ESA is comprised of 3 stages: Engage(E), Study(S) and Activate(A). The stages can be done in straight order (Ex: ESA) or have multiple ESA stages that can be in any combination (Ex: EASESA),as long as it starts with Engage and ends with Activate. The students are put into pairs or small groups to make the lessons more \"student-talk\" centered encouraging elicitation by interaction. During the Engage stage you pique their interest in learning English using games, pictures and prompts. This is not a teaching stage. The Study stage is focused on language construction and concepts. Exercises would include word games such as: Hangman, Word Search, Crosswords, etc. The Activate stage is more concerned with language fluency and creativity. Activities in this stage would be communication games like role-playing, debates, and story telling. To encourage the students' progression and creativity, positive feedback, not criticism, should be used.