Teach English in Yima Jiedao - Beihai Shi

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This unit explained Teaching New Groups. First, this unit explained that there are two categories of new groups.The two categories of new groups are, new groups, the students do not know each other or ESL teaching methods, and existing groups, students know each other and are familiar with ESL teaching methods. Second, this unit explained how to teach different levels in the same class. One method for teaching different levels is that classes can be divided into two groups weak students and strong students. The lessons that both groups learn are similar but tailored to their strengths and weaknesses. Third, this unit explained how to teach large classes. Large classes can be challenging from an individual involvement perspective, one way to involve everyone is to use a worksheet. Fourth this unit explained how to include reluctant learners. Some learners can be reluctant to participate because of shyness and other factors such as peer pressure. A good way to include even reluctant learners is to let them work with other students in pairs. I have learned that the teacher must establish rapport before beginning to teach students. I have also learned that it is best to keep activities paced with the speed of the majority of the class, however, It is a good idea to have extra word searches or worksheets on hand for faster students.