Teach English in Xichang Zhen - Beihai Shi

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I leaned in this unit about teaching different levels of beginners. There are five types of beginners for learned the language English. There are many suggestions and techniques for teaching beginners listed in the chapter. Some of the important things to keep in mind are always give clear and simple instructions, pace your lessons, and be as visual as possible. There are always going to be possible problems or discipline that a teacher would need to deal with in a class. However, there are many ways to deal with them and solve the problems so they don't arise as often. One problem that you don't have control over are problems outside of the classroom. I leaned about how to teach 1 on 1 lessons with a student and the suitable activities that can be used during your lessons with the student. Occasionally you as a teacher will be giving out homework, but it all depends on your lessons, school and how much you want to give. Business English or ESP is another reason why you could be teaching English to clients. These are people who have a job that they would need to speak and learn English within their job or company. Clients will have specific needs to want to learn English so the best way to help you understand what they need is to give them a \"needs analysis\" which could be in a form of a questionnaire for the client to complete.