Teach English in Weizhou Zhen - Beihai Shi

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Unit 5 provides an overview of classroom management. Topics covered include: 1) eye contact, hand/face gestures, and voice volume/tone, 2) when to use students names, 3) how/when to group students and classroom arrangement, 4) how to maximize student talk time (STT) and when teacher talk time (TTT) and individualized attention is appropriate, 5) how to provide instructions, 6) how to establish rapport, and 7) maintaining discipline. Since I have taught before, some of this was familiar to me, but there was a lot of helpful new advice also. For example, in the future, when I ask a question, I will put the student's name at the end of the question instead of the beginning. I will also try whispering when I want to gain the classroom's attention instead of shouting, and asking questions to students at random instead of going down a row. The only point I was confused about was how to go about allowing students to correct one another, since I have found that for ages 5-7, this leads to the best students getting all the attention, while the shy and struggling students end up being intimidated instead of working out the correct answer for themselves. Next time I teach, I will work more on helping students to get to know one another, and try to find ways to encourage students to correct one another in a way that is supportive and helpful.