Teach English in ShiwAn Zhen - Beihai Shi

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Unit 11 introduces receptive skills. Receptive skills are reading and listening. In order for English learners to adapt well to reading and listening, they must be have a basic knowledge of the world around them. This is crucial in understanding any language. English learners will need to apply certain specialist skills to help them to comprehend various reading and listening contents. Following is a list of specialist skills that would be helpful when students are learning receptive skills: 1) Predictive skills- the ability to predict content from an article/dialogue 2) Specific information (scanning)- the ability to read and listen for specific information 3) General idea (skimming)- having the ability to understand the main idea of context/dialogue 4) Detailed information- Reading to ascertain detailed information 5) Deduction- the ability to come to a reasonable conclusion about a subject. There are different methods and approaches teachers can employ to help student with language difficulties. One method is to pre-teach the vocabulary before the lesson. Choosing the right topic will help to motivate students and choosing texts that are suited to the student's skill level will also aid in teaching receptive skills. If teachers bear these concepts in mind, student will be off to a good start in learning receptive skills.