Teach English in ShAgang Zhen - Beihai Shi

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Unit 1 - Teachers and learners In this unit I learned about the characteristics of being a good teacher and the variety of roles you need to adopt during a lesson. Also I understood there is a variety of language learners and each group of learners will bring to the classroom various motivations, behaviors and outside experiences. After I absorbed the information contained in this unit I understand that being a teacher is a very complex and challenging activity. You must create your own style of teaching for the variety of learners that you have in your class. Being a teacher is not just teaching a particular subject, a teacher is a role model. You must be organized, with a good subject knowledge so you express confidence and professionalism to your students. You should have a good rapport and interaction with the class, you should know witch role to take and when during the lesson to benefit the students. A teacher must know also the language level of his students and how to implement a good curriculum. You should know your students' weaknesses and try to give help, you should motivate, involve the students equally in the lesson process. As a conclusion, it is very important as a teacher to be dedicated to the teaching profession; the students will succeed if they have a caring, motivated, enthusiastic and knowledgeable teacher.