Teach English in QuzhAng XiAng - Beihai Shi

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Out of the four language skills, this chapter focuses on receptive skills- reading and listening. Learners are only required to receive and understand the language. There are two types of reading, if we take into consideration the reasons that trigger this kind of activities: reading/ listening for a purpose and reading/ listening for entertainment. When reading in a foreign language, understanding every single word in not necessary, as long as the learner can get the meaning of particular words from the context and as long as they can get the overall meaning of the message itself. We also read/ listen in a different manner when we focus on the general idea of the text. That is when we skim read a text. If we need to find certain information in a text, we will scan it. Reading the whole text in detail is not necessary. There are other situations, though, when we need to understand everything in detail (reading/ listening to instructions). The choice of reading/listening materials depends on the students? level of language expertise, topic, the students? interests. Beginners, for example, will not be presented with authentic texts in the target language, as this might cause frustration and discouragement. Topics must be interesting so that the students want to find out more, thus read/listen more in the target language.