Teach English in Qiaogang Zhen - Beihai Shi

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Students (from) abroad will come to EFL classes from a variety of circumstances and motivations: the standard and focus of their aspirations (conversation, business / technical correspondence etc) will vary from case to case. If they need a particular certification to qualify for some next stage in their ambitions, the teaching needs obviously to be tailored to 'get them from A to B', and if they have money and time etc riding on the venture, they will want as objective as possible a measure along the way to confirm that they are approaching that target. Regular assessment, in line with this and the establishment's procedures, should enable all concerned to keep track of progress across vocabulary, grammar, comprehension and production skills etc according to need. A well-structured assessment program should also encourage a teacher to monitor their own effectiveness, and the school in general to keep an eye on standards, though results from students' external exams would likely be the ultimate criterion. Methods of testing are likewise many and various: online multi-choice is remote, impartial and offers instant results, but a traditional 'oral exam' (presentation, discussion, roleplay, whatever) may be more appropriate and genuine ~ though labour-intensive, nerve-wracking for at least one party, and open to a measure of partiality.