Teach English in Pingyang Zhen - Beihai Shi

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In this unit we have covered different Methodlogies and techniques used in language teaching. There is no correct method as it varies depending on your students, culture, ages, level of the language etc. Many different methods have been covered some proving to be more effective than others. However some points are fundamental in teaching a language such as the student having the most exposure possible to the language, feedback and input from the teacher ( but not too much either as this doesnt allow the student to participate and discover the use of the language for themselves) low levels of anxiety and stress, making sure the student is comfortable to express and speak the language without feeling they are going to be punished for making a mistake or having errors. The method of ESA ( engage study activate ) has been covered thoroughly as it is a concept that can easily be adapted to a wide range of classrooms and proves to be effective. This information also includes different activities you can practice with your classroom and what you can do at each stage of the lesson. Feedback and correction information and techniques is also given for the teacher to ensure that students are not discouraged and have an oppurtunity to correct things themselves, therefore being able to reflect more on the language and where they have gone wrong.