Teach English in Lianzhou Zhen - Beihai Shi

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Speaking and writing are important skills needed for the future especially those who are interested in learning English as another language. This unit highlights in the importance of the productive skills and engaging games which could be used in various ESA lesson plans. One piece of information mentioned was about the accuracy and fluency of the students. Accuracy was defined by the correct use of language meanwhile; fluency was defined by the ability to speak continuously without stopping to think of how to say a new sentence. The accuracy and fluency are also used in different parts of the lesson plan. In order for the students to accurately understand new vocabulary, accuracy based activities are introduced during the study phase. Contrary, the fluency based activities are introduced in the activate phase in order for the students to use the new knowledge in a realistic context. These skills can be introduced in fun and interesting ways such as through story-telling, hangman, jeopardy, pictionary, and so forth. Personally, I enjoyed many of the speaking and writing games in school such as hangman and jeopardy. Those specific activities I used in school taught me new information, pronunciations, spelling, and so forth. Overall, speaking and writing are important skills in order to understand a new language in fun and active ways.