Teach English in Haijiao Jiedao - Beihai Shi

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This unit is very interesting to me because I have really struggled in life with test taking.I mean serious challenges. Sometimes I would cry before and after a test simply because I would experience so much anxiety. There were an array of reasons why I would feel these feelings and sometimes it would be because I was afraid to fail. As an adult it was because I felt I could not afford to fail and I was scared. I still think this way and succeeding is important to me. What has made this unit different for me than the other units is because I know first hand how scary and hard test taking can be. Especially if you are new to the subject or feel that everyone else knows the material except you. After reading this I felt a great sense of compassion for certain people that I might meet as an English teacher. I thought about not only the different tests/assessments that I would have to do with students but also my approach. providing students with a safe, accepting and warm environment is critical to their learning process. This applies to adults as well. When someone has a traumatic learning experience they can carry that with them their entire educational career and face many challenges. I would like to think that I will remember this when these moments arise and I will be one of the hopefully many educators that inspire those students.