Teach English in GAode Jiedao - Beihai Shi

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This unit covered and explained a variety of methods that have been used in the teaching of a second language. All of these different methods have a time and place where they are appropriate to utilize. However, some of these methods have fallen out of fashion while others have rose to the top in favorability. This unit also covered the ESA (engage, study, activate) teaching method, which is the methodology ITTT requires its students to use when creating and structuring material for submission. Towards the end of the unit appropriate correction methods were discussed. It is of great importance to create a teaching environment that is low in anxiety but teachers still must ensure that students are either auto-correcting their mistakes and errors or correcting each other. The unit explained that teachers should be sure not to make students feel humiliated by pausing too long when it seems that they are struggling and unable to correct themselves. If a student cannot correct himself or herself or if other students miss the opportunity to correct each other, then and only then should the teacher explicitly correct the student. Teachers should avoid explicitly correcting students because students are less likely to remember the correction in the future and are therefore less likely to learn from the experience of having made a mistake.