Teach English in Fucheng Zhen - Beihai Shi

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Unit 19 deals with special groups and how to best manage them. As an international teacher, it is very common to deal with multilingual groups or to teach English in a foreign country. It is also very common to teach business English classes, or children. Beginners also need special considerations to be dealt with, and a teacher is very often required to teach one-to-one lessons. These are thus the main \"special groups\" an aspiring teacher is going to deal with. As I said before, each one of these groups require a specific approach and there are different advantages and disadvantages. For example, a multilingual group will be forced to focus on the exclusive use of English when in-class but each single student will have vastly different needs or strengths and weaknesses. Young learners and beginners need simple and clear lessons, often using visual aids and minimizing teacher talk time using techniques such as gestures and mimes. With children in particular, to vary the activities is vital because they tend to have such a short attention span and boredom comes easily. On the other hand, Businness English students can have erratic consistency because of their busy schedule and their motivation can also vary drammatically, both because they tend to arrive to the class already tired and because being there is not always their own choice