Teach English in Dongjie Jiedao - Beihai Shi

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This unit discusses the appropriate way to teach a new language. It examines techniques and how to present three main points into learning a new language: vocabulary, language structure (grammar), and language functions. In the vocabulary, it is best to choose words that are appropriate for the task at hand, the student language level, and the frequency that it would be used in everyday conversation. Then when a new word is learned we must also present how to use it in a sentence, the meaning of the word, spelling, pronunciation, and how it will interact with other words. It is important to present all these requirement to the student, so that they won't use a word randomly in a sentence. The next point that is discussed is the language structure. When a new structure is taught again we must also tell what it means, when it is appropriate to be used, the forms and the patterns. This just mostly describes how to use correct grammar. The final lesson that was taught is the language function.. Language functions discusses things like inviting, refusing, agreeing, and etc. The function deals with what is the purpose of the task that is given or what the sentence is doing. The part I found very helpful in this section was the different activities that would help and benefit the student into learning new vocabulary, grammar, and functions.