Teach English in Dijiao Jiedao - Beihai Shi

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Some of the areas which teachers should consider when selecting a course book include: availability, layout and design, syllabus, methodology, skills, teacher?s guide, topic and price. There are many advantages of course books such as the inclusion of syllabus which is graded to students? level, balanced mix of grammar, vocabulary and language skills, continuity and progression, etc. On the other hand some of the disadvantages are: course books dictate what is to be taught, their exclusive use can become predictable, they are often outdated and unattractive, etc. If the teacher is not fully satisfied with the contents a particular course book is offering, he/she should make some adjustments like omission, replacement, supplementation or adaptation of some parts so that the students could maximally benefit from it. What I?ve learnt from this Unit is that the teachers should be creative with the learning materials. They shouldn?t 100% use the course book but also combine some authentic and created materials. Also, I?ve found the given resources (p2) and examples (pp3-9) very useful for the teaching practice. By using a variety of materials (in combination with the textbook) students will be able to benefit maximally and at the same time won?t be bored because of the usage of the same course book every time.