Teach English in DangjiAng Zhen - Beihai Shi

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From watching the two videos, I have gained an appreciation that an EFL lesson's success is largely based on the organisation of the teacher and the attitude they bring to class. If the teacher doesn't give really clear instructions, the students can be confused and unwilling to participate. By saying that the content is really easy, the students can be intimidated and scared to answer as they won't want to be incorrect. Extensive silences can be very awkward and detract from the flow of the lesson. The teacher should also try not to keep his/her back turned from the class for too long. I feel that a positive attitude and enthusiasm towards the students is critically important in developing rapport and helping to create a safe and inclusive environment where the students are happy to engage. A strong opening is important and learning each other?s names is vital. In the second video, the teacher discussed the aims of the lesson and then gave direct, clear instructions for the students to follow including examples. In the first lesson, the students were left confused and concerned as the teacher gave ambiguous instructions and very little monitoring during the Study phase. Following the ESA model is an effective way to structure a lesson and allows for the students to take on new information and practice speaking in fun activities.