Teach English in Changle Zhen - Beihai Shi

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This unit made clear the relationship between a teacher and a learner and what kind of qualities are found in them. There are a number of factors found in a good teacher, like, their willingness to teach, their ability to motivate their students. A good teacher should be able to know the students weaknesses and be able to help them with it. He/ She should also be able to carry out lessons in a way that involves and catches the attention of all students. Personality wise, a good teacher should possess the quality of being kind, patient, lively and entertaining. There are various roles that a Teacher needs to take when carrying out a lesson. A few of them are being a Manager (being in charge of a class and being in control), Assessor (give feedback to students and assess their work), Prompter, Observor, Model, etc. This unit also puts a light on the qualities of a good learner and the factors that we can consider. It showed how to break down the students according to their level of ability in the English language by the following terms: - Beginners - Elementary - Pre Intermediate - Intermediate - Upper Intermediate - Advanced Therefore, a relationship between a teacher and a learner should be very strong in order to achieve good results. A good teacher should understand the learner well and should always be ready to motivate them.