Teach English in BaishA Zhen - Beihai Shi

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Unit One provided a very organized and concise representation of the roles of the teachers and students in the classroom. It emphasized the multiplicity of ways in which a teacher can further motivate and enhance the learning process, as well as revealing the varying differences and qualities of students necessary in achieving the highest level of efficiency and growth. By categorizing the positive qualities of teachers and students, as well as dividing up the multiple roles that a teacher plays in the students life, this unit revealed the extraordinary effect that a teacher has the potential to create in every single student in the classroom. In addition, by dividing up the different levels of learners, the teacher is now provided with aspects and qualities to focus on throughout the course. For example, it becomes very important with lower level students to increase the amount of entertainment in tasks through inclusion of artistic activities (ie. singing, motion), where as with higher level students it becomes important to motivate them away from the belief that they have reached a plateau through further enhancing their motivation to learn more. Unit One has further ensured in me that the experience of teaching aboard will be enlightening and fulfilling not only for me but for all those i have to opportunity to pass on knowledge to.