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Unit 17 was pretty relaxing. It covered different types of classroom equipment and again some of the questions were not very clear. For example asking about the common uses of cameras in the classroom and actually it could really have been any of those answers. One of the reasons why I am saying this is because it depends on the audience. For example, videos that the kids make could be viewed by more than just the educator and students. So, therefore the meaning and value of what they are doing changes. Same thing applies with the educator and the camera. Not only could they use it to help the kids with projects, assess student production but also to assess themselves; their approaches and techniques. In my opinion, that is wisdom. I also wanted to say that I appreciate all of the online resources that you provided. I will be utilizing them myself along with providing that information to students, friends, parents, etc. I find that having access to those resources opens up a lot of doors academically. Along with having access to different forms of educational tools such as White boards, CD/DVD players, etc.