Teach English in Songqi Zhen - Anshun Shi

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Conditionals. Zero conditional: 1.Form - when/if + present simple, present simple 2.Usage - scientific facts, general truths, issues/situations that are certain to happen. First conditional: 1.Form - if + present simple, will or modal aux verb + base form verb 2.Usage - likely results of possible future situations, promise, threats or warnings, back-up plans. Second conditional: 1.Form - if + past simple/past continuous, may/might/could + base verb 2.Usage - to describe a present or future hypothetical situation that is presently not true. Third conditional: 1.Form - if + past perfect, would/could/might + have + past participle 2.Usage - regrets, excuses. Mixed conditional: 1.Form - if + past perfect, could/might/would + base verb 2.Usage - present result of an imaginary situation in the past. Reported speech. Tense changes: Present simple -> past simple Present continuous -> past continuous Present perfect -> perfect Perfect continuous -> perfect continuous Past simple -> past perfect Past continuous -> past perfect continuous Past perfect -> no change Past perfect continuous -> no change will -> would