Teach English in Shizi Huizu Miaozu XiAng - Anshun Shi

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Unit 5 covers the skill of organizing and managing the class. We learn that having a friendly, relaxed manner while maintaining discipline is the ideal way of managing class. There are many factors that contribute to class management including eye contact, using gestures, and the voice or tone of the teacher. Grouping and seating students is also essential to effective class management. The physical seating and social atmosphere must be considered when mapping an effective classroom. When leading the class it's important to hold their attention during all activities that are teacher centered, even when transitioning or when writing instruction. Giving good instructions means being clear, using simple language and gestures, and making sure everyone is on the same page. Discipline of course is part of any classroom setting. It's important that we address the behavior of a student rather than the individual. There are many ways to prevent bad behavior, but for the bad behavior that does occur in class, it's important that we remain calm, follow the school code, and treat it with the sensitivity it deserves.