Teach English in Puli XiAng - Anshun Shi

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Video 1 Teacher fails to engage students interests, and asks for answers that the students have now way of providing, because the material has not been taught. poor positive reinforcement for wrong answers. teacher fails to clarify and scaffold his questions his voice is not warm and friendly, it has a belligerent quality. Teacher has trouble answering reasonable questions. There was no guidance for practice. Transitions were not smooth environment is not a safe place for students to make mistakes. not enough structure for the activate stage of the lesson. students were asked to synthesize without a clear example of how to do that. Ending was abrupt with no review of what has been learned. Video 2 Warm introduction students appear comfortable clear structured engage task uses scaffolding when eliciting answers positive reinforcement to wrong answers clearly structured ESA lesson plan. Transitions were smooth and logical. student's have the opportunity to speak the words, and practice the concepts being taught. Teacher gives clear example, and models for students work that he asks for them.