Teach English in MAodong Miaozu Gelaozu XiAng - Anshun Shi

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Throughout this module we have touched on several topics including modal auxiliary verbs used to express differing degrees of formality utilising words like; may, might, need to, must, have to and many more. The main focus of Modal auxiliary verbs is they do not change according to person. A main focus for the students is teaching them when and how to use modal auxiliary verbs, some key ways to do this are through; role play, signs and rules. Another element touched on throughout this topic was the use of active and passive voice. The key difference is that in passive voice the doer of the activity is much less important. Like, I painted the door last week changes to the door was painted last week. Thirdly a relative clause is a group of words containing a subject and a verb, this clause is split out into two; a dependent clause and an independent clause. Lastly phrasal verbs which here consist of a verb plus one or two particles. However, these verbs are split out into three groups; intransitive, transitive and Transitive inseparable. All three split out dependent on where the object is placed in the sentence.