Teach English in MaguAn Zhen - Anshun Shi

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Wow! Whoever said TEFL was easy is quite the fool. This unit alone you could write numerous books on the subject; however I will admit you guys did a good job in explaining the subject matter. Great job on breaking things down as stress, intonation and rhythm. Also the insight to state that sometime all these rules and definitions one just has to let the student go with the flow. The anatomical diagrams with all the different positions in the mouth and how we pronounce words and placing names to these opened a whole new ball game for me. Video was very good in this unit. I watched it numerous times good job in description and examples. I did find this chapter the most difficult thus far in the this course. I had to read it over and over. I will be honest with you, even through my university studies never once was explained how to use phonetic symbols, so this was a first. I have taken Russian and actually there alphabet is easier than the phonetic symbols so I found it a bit difficult but the practice lessons helped. Overall an eye opener, but will say ITTT did a good job explaining this whole chapter....thanks