Teach English in Jichangpo Zhen - Anshun Shi

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Unit 7 focuses on what an instructor needs to know to be able to effectively teach English to foreign language learners. The unit breaks an instructor's task down into three parts: vocabulary, grammatical structures, and language functions. By separating the different parts of language that are taught, it becomes easier to understand how methodologies for each of the three parts may differ from one another in each stage of Engage, Study, Activate; conversely, the structure of Unit 7 also highlights the similarities in activities that an instructor may choose to take up when teaching vocabulary, grammatical structures, and language functions. The differences can be seen in how mime and acting are useful for the engage stage of teaching vocabulary, while scenario building is better suited for teaching grammatical structures. Similarities between the two in the engage stage include discussion and the use of pictures. This unit clarifies how teaching language functions may differ from teaching vocabulary and grammatical functions, but also how it factors into the triad of learning all the parts of language use.