Teach English in JiaozishAn Zhen - Anshun Shi

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In reading the material for this unit regarding receptive skills, I have found that reading is as important as listening and both can be equally difficult. Much consideration must be made in selecting material to present to students. Not only must the material be of an appropriate level for the students, but also challenging enough to enable learning of new material for the students, and to promote skills for students to accept that not every single word must already be committed to memory. I find that is also an encouraging skill that should be taught. Most native speakers do not acknowledge that they do not know every single word they read or hear, and can still comprehend most material they are presented with. As a teacher of language, this reality is an encouraging point to highlight and emphasize that students of a foreign language can not be expected to know everything, but how they use the language to understand the language. It is a survival skill I look forward to encourage, and as a prospective teacher it is helpful to reiterate how most lessons are a working progress for the students and myself.