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This unit is about present tenses and their forms. Present Simple Affirmative:subject+base form I eat breakast, Negative:subject+aux.''do''+ not+ base form I do not eat breakfast. Question:aux.verb''do''+subject+ base form Do i eat breakfast? Present Continuous Affirmative:subject+aux.verb''be''+verb+ing I am sleeping on couch. Negative:subject+aux.verb''be''+not+verb+ing we are not going to cinema. Question:aux.verb''be''+subject+verb+ing Are you listening to me? Present Perfect Affirmative:subject+aux.verb''have''+past participle He has known her all his life Negative:subject+aux.verb''have''+not+past participle We havent left home yet Question:aux.verb''have''+subject+past participle Have they started to party? Present Perfect Continuous Affirmative:subject+aux.verb''have''+been+verb+ing I have been dancing. Negative:subject+aux.verb''have''+not+been+verb+ing You have not been playing football. Question:aux.verb''have''+subject+been+verb+ing Have they been eating a birthday cake? And also their usages,non-progressive verbs,regular and contracted forms,typical mistakes/errors