Teach English in Huachu Zhen - Anshun Shi

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This unit covered the topic of lesson planning. A brief description of the use of lesson plans was given, and the main takeaway was that teachers should generally plan lessons, but they should keep them simple and flexible and allow for changes that fit the needs of the students and the particular lesson. The basic elements of a lesson plan were given, which included the name of the teacher (and observer, if applicable), level of the students, number of students, date, language point, potential problems for the students and teacher, goal of the lesson for both the students and teacher, equipment and materials, procedure, stage, timing, interaction type, and any other notes made during the lesson. After a lesson, it is a good idea to evaluate the lesson and make notes on what worked and what needed improvement or alteration. A sample lesson plan was given, as well as a blank lesson plan. In the unit, I learned about the basics of a lesson plan and what to include and prepare beforehand. Ideas about what kind of materials are needed for each stage and what activities are appropriate for certain stages were helpful.