Teach English in Houchang Zhen - Anshun Shi

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This unit covered receptive skills, which are reading and listening. These skills are equally important and should be well-prepared as tasks since they can be problematic. For example, when doing a listening activity, students will probably forget much of what is being said because they cannot go back and re-listen it as can be done with reading (one can re-read what one has read for clarification purposes). Therefore teachers should choose audio material that is easily understandable in terms of accent, pace of speech, and vocabulary. In terms of reading tasks, teachers should make sure to pre-teach relevant difficult vocabulary in order for students to get a gist of what the text is about, but should not teach every single foreign word as students should first just be able to tell what the text is generally about. Also, teachers should make sure, especially when using authentic texts (that are not made especially for students), that these are the correct language level for the students. Lastly, it is important for both reading and listening tasks that they are varied and reflect the students' various interests.