Teach English in DongguAn Jiedao - Anshun Shi

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Receptive language skills were the main topic of this unit where it was presented in ?terms of different aspects. The first part was introducing reasons for reading and ?listening (i.e. purposive and general [for pleasure]). The second part was an account ?for how we read and listen (i.e. predictive, scanning, skimming, [extensive and ?intensive readings], etc.). After that, problems with teaching the receptive skills and ?some proposed strategies for dealing with?were presented (e.g. pre-teaching ?vocabulary, careful selection of teaching materials, etc.). One more section in this ?unit included a typical patchwork lesson design with the three phases (ESA). I was ?wondering why the the main objective of this lesson to write a paragraph or two (a ?productive skill)! While I can understand the fact, we need to integrate the four ?skills along with language components, but with this task, the focus was more on the ?productive skills?as opposed to the main purpose teaching the receptive skills. The ?last part of this unit was a sample lesson. ?