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Establishing rapportEstablishing rapport in the classroom is to me the most important factor in the classroom to make for effective learning environment. Studies have proven that rapport in the classroom can motivate the students to come to class more often , pay attention in class. These to factors will increase the learning and their enjoyment in the subjects. To me it is common sense if the teacher makes a environment which each individual student is happy and confident the student will be highly motivated. With my research I have put together a list of effective ways to build a happy learning environment. -Learning your students names is very important to make the students feel valued . -Getting to know each student like what they enjoying doing on there time off. this helps the teacher to make a personalized learning experience. -Being available to the students to talk before and after class this creates a trust were the students feel like the teacher cares. This is also very important to keep on a professional level at all times. Making sure the student know when you are available. -Become available online via email as this is the way things are done these days via the internet. -Make the less more activate so that the teacher does not just talk for the whole lesson make sure the students get involved . This will help the teacher see if the students understand. -When the students do interact with the teacher encourage the students with phrases like ?thats it you get it ,well done?. This builds the students confidence. - It is so obvious when a teacher is passionate about there subject as they keep lesson interesting with fresh exciting ideas this really helps the students learn because if the teacher is interested most of the time students want to find out what the teacher is so excited about. - Make sure the students arent scared of the teacher as this will not help with learning of the subject be humble and caring. - Look at the students when talking to them this will make the students feel involved and part of the lesson. - Crack jokes to keep the class awake and not half in dream land. - Respecting the students is so important to me in life you should respect everyone so this really shouldn't change when dealing with your students. - Smiling is always left till last but the most important factor to making students feel confident and happy . All these factors should be easy to achieve in the classroom . I personally think that a teacher has such a power of the students learning ability the teacher can make or break the students learning environment. Through my research I have spoken to some teacher that are teaching english as a second language and often the subject comes up I cant seem to get the students attention. I feel very strongly that each student needs a individual approach to get the most from the student. This means taken time to know and understand your students as individuals and planning lessons that the students will enjoy and understand what works for one student wont work for all students. http://www.socialpsychology.org/rapport.htm William Buskist and Bryan K. Saville Auburn University www.facultyfocus.com Builiding rapport in the classroom