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english as a global languageFor many years, the english language has become a popular language to speak around the world. Not only that, but the english language is becoming a global language. A global language explains that the language is used widely across the planet in many different countries. In addition to that, many countries are making english as a second language to learn. The use of english language has increased in popularity that it plays an important role for requirements in work and education. On top of that, people learn and speak english in business and socializing events. Lastly, english language is very popular that the media uses the language to inform and entertain people. In the world we live in currently, english is widely used and seen in many places. english is not only used in the first world country, but it is also used in second and third world countries. In non english speaking countries, it is necessary for all people to learn english as a second or third language in school in order to fulfill the requirements bestowed upon the society. For instances, a job company would require an individual to have good knowledge of english in order to communicate with other foreigners around the world to make business with. In addition to that, many universities require students to know english so they can communicate with their professors and get them prepared to converse with people from other countries. The english language plays an important role in the society to have people learn the language and communicate with each other. The english language plays an important role for people from various backgrounds to communicate with one another. Knowing english helps to build a relationship with people whose first language isn?t english. Moreover, the language helps people from different countries to socialize in social gatherings. Having to know the english language helps to stay connected with each other and aides us to think we are one nation. Not only is it helpful for socializing but also aides with foreign business events. When countries are doing business with each other, knowing the english language helps and facilitates for an easier business making process. People communicate in english as a means of doing business with each other and receive information from other people. Nowadays, the english language dominates the media system. The amount of media being extracted in english is very high and dominating in that many non english speaking country use the english news as a way of receiving information and other entertainment use. Music and movies are shown and played in many non english speaking countries to entertain the people there regardless if they have knowledge in english or not. english is becoming a global language in that it dominates the media entertainment business. On top of that, people use english as a means of communicating with each other and doing business. Also, countries around the world have made english necessary to learn in order to satisfy and complete the society norms such as work and education requirements. With all these facts, it is evident that english is becoming a universal language for everyone in the world to use and communicate. Making english as a global language really makes the world smaller by connecting us to communicate in one language. References Crystal. D (N.D). english as a global language. Retrieved on June 5, 2011, from; http://sprachshop.com/sixcms/media.php/811/English_as_a_grobal_lang_sample_ch.pdf Melitz. J (2010). english as the Global Language. Retrieved on June 6, 2011, from; http://www.cepr.org/press/DP2055PR.htm