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Demand is high for English language teachers in the UK, this demand increases during the summer months with many (around 800) schools providing intensive summer courses. Opportunities for teaching English in the UK are available all year round; however, competition is tough so you need to be pro-active and persistent to secure a teaching position.

A great number of experienced and qualified English teachers return to the UK after spending time teaching overseas to begin looking for suitable employment teaching English in the UK. Securing a position teaching English in the UK requires teaching experience and usually higher qualifications, this is because many teachers have gained higher TEFL/TESOL qualifications such as the Dip TEFL. Newly qualified teachers can still find teaching opportunities during the summer period and returning teachers can find positions all year round.

Teachers are normally paid per class or per hour and the pay can range from £8-14 per hour. EU passport holders and UK nationals are preferred; however, positions are available for teachers from outside the EU via the Students Work Abroad Program.

Living costs in the UK continue to increase every year so English teachers can find the income from working at one language school difficult to live on. For additional income you can look for people to tutor in private lessons.

There are many opportunities to teach English in the UK throughout the summer months of July and August. Literally thousands of English language students come from all over the world to different parts of the UK to participate in summer holiday language camps, where language learning is combined with cultural tours and extracurricular activities.

During the summer, English teaching jobs are paid up to £300 per week which is a good income. These jobs usually include meals and accommodation. Around February onwards these positions will be advertised and many schools continue recruiting into July and August.



Sample Job offer for Teaching English in the UK

"Summer EFL teaching jobs located in Brighton, England for six week contracts. We offer £205 per week, accommodation throughout the contract, full board, recreation/sports facilities available at certain times, when on full-day excursion duty we offer £5 lunch money as well as a packed lunch, a contribution of £50 (minus tax) for travel expenses, one day off every week and a two day induction course. Your responsibilities include: planning and teaching 15 hours per week using your choice of materials and course books. Supervising dormitories and after class activities including weekends. Providing three homework preparation classes per week (Fri, Sun and Weds). Assessing, monitoring and evaluating the progress of students. We require native English speaking teachers who are keen to work with young students, possess EFL training, have classroom experience at any level and are prepared to carry out other duties besides teaching (for example trips and residential supervision)."