Teach English in Xiashuai Zhuangzu Yaozu XiAng - Zhaoqing Shi

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After watched 2 videos lessons for the Unit 10, I learnt about the reality of teaching that teacher will face the problem in the future. Based from the videos, I could tell similarity that: the students are the same, materials that presented are the same (animals), and teacher?s language are the same. What make it difference are the teaching method that the teacher gave to the students. On the first video, students are felt unmotivated, confused about the lesson and discourage to answer the questions. On the other side, teacher didn't elaborate enough for some question that need to give a sample (can/ can?t) and didn't engage to students. As a result, the class environment did not look good and looked like the teacher were take control the whole lesson. From the second video, the teacher was used communication effectively by using: body language, gesture, presenting an interesting material and looked well prepared the whole lesson. Teacher are give clear instruction before the activity and the transition from Engage, Study and activate phase are working smoothly. Another good point also show that between the teacher and students connection has a good interaction and confidence in answering the questions. So it will create a positive environment in the class. Hopefully, every time the lesson start I could create a positive environment and motivate the student to learn English.