Teach English in Muge Zhen - Zhaoqing Shi

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Unit 11 covers receptive skills: reading and listening. In this unit, we learn that as and ESL teacher, it is important to equally emphasize reading, listening, speaking, and writing, but it is not necessary to teach all four skills in one lesson. The unit then proceeds to give some ideas of how to teach a lesson that focuses solely reading and listening skills. The unit covers issues such as selecting a topic students will e interested in, and giving study assignments that are sufficiently challenging instead of overly simple or intimidating. An important point this unit makes is that you must select text and recordings that match the level of the students, and do as much as you can to boost student confidence by teaching them any problem words in the text or recording beforehand. By doing so, you allow the student to gain exposure to the new vocabulary and feel prepared when given study materials. As an example, this unit gives you several study worksheets so you can get an idea of what sort of material works for teaching receptive skills. A patchwork ESA lesson is detailed for the reader so future teachers can get an idea of how to gradually introduce new listening and reading vocabulary, as opposed to a straight arrow ESA lesson where you only get one chance to expose students to new vocabulary. After completing this unit, I feel much more confident in my ability to teach receptive skills.