Teach English in Yingli Zhen - Zhanjiang Shi

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Unit 12 discusses speaking within the context of teaching productive skills. At onset, the reading indicates that in order for a teacher to engage students in speaking activities, the teacher must foster the need and desire for students to use the language. Failure to do so can result in the unsuccessful completion of the activate stage. The reading then incorporates the need for teachers to consider both accuracy and fluency as aspects which can influence outcomes in communicative based activities. In the study stage students are to understand and use the language in a controlled way prior to expecting them to use it in a creative way during the activate stage. Beyond the structuring of activities which foster accuracy and fluency, the reading also mentions barriers that may prevent student participation in speaking activities. Some of these include: lack of confidence, fear of making mistakes and peer intimidation. Some of the strategies that can counteract these barriers are choral drills and setting up students in pairs to do role-play activities. Beyond these strategies, the reading also indicates that the teachers must create and foster an environment whereby students can enjoy the interaction with their teacher and fellow students. In achieving such an objective, teachers can employ the use of games. However, such games must not lack the essential element of playing with the purpose of learning the language.