Teach English in Jianshe Jiedao - Zhanjiang Shi

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In this unit I learned that teaching pronunciation is important because it helps English language learners know the sounds used in spoken English, so they can understand and be understood when listening and speaking. It is also very important because students need to learn the different ways to express feelings and reactions to different situations by the use of correct intonation and stress in statements. This unit shows the different areas that need to be taught in pronunciation classes. The phonetic alphabet needs to be taught as many same spelling patterns may be pronounced in different ways such as \"do\" and \"go\" or \"cough\" and \"dough\". The phonemic alphabet is a set of symbols that represent the sounds used in spoken English language. Thus students need to become familiar with the International Phonetic Alphabet in order to learn the English sounds, which include unfamiliar sounds they do not use in their native language, and be able to decode new words in a dictionary. When teaching the phonetic alphabet in a classroom, it is very important to show the manners and places of articulation, so it is easier for students to produce the sounds. Besides the phonetic alphabet, it is very important for the students to learn intonation patterns, stress, and connecting sounds in statements. These last areas are very important because their uses in speech will make students to better produce the language and also improve their listening skills.