Teach English in TiAnbao Gongye Yuanqu - Tianjin

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Teaching beginner students Beginners are students who don?t have much or any knowledge of the english language. Teach a class of beginners, the course need to provide very basic structure and vocabulary need to be very simple. Beginners are not easily and quickly activated in the class, so the teachers need to be sensitive and encouraging them to build up their learning skills and motivation by making the classes varied and interesting. There are different categories of beginner, reason why we have several connotations. The absolute beginners, those are students which don?t have any knowledge of the english language at all. Teaching absolute beginner?s teachers have to consider the way the language is been introduced. It?s important to find out what they have already known and built on from there. Use positive gestures and happy facial expressions when you teach is essential to engage them talking with the direct approach. The direct approach is a dialogue-based language teaching method and this method involves in physically acting on the teacher?s own instructions. Suitable games for absolute beginners and drilling with cards, short stories and fairy-tails are some of good ideas for students in their early days of learning. It will take time before the absolute beginners can make sense of what they are learning but once they start you may wonder how they have learned so much. Teaching false beginners and absolute beginners require different approach. In European countries, most beginners you teach can be the false beginners and they already have learned some english at some point in their lives. These students will understand basic conversations so they don?t need to start at bases of the language like learning the english alphabet and how to pronounce them. Teach them can start with basic conversations such as introducing themselves, also this will be a good starting point in which to build a rapport with the students and get to know about them. Teaching false beginners, teachers need to control the lesson, try not to do too much at once. Create a relaxed and positive atmosphere, encourage students as much as possible. The adult beginner often learn english for different purpose, they may know english for a variety of reasons, some of them may be good in some aspects of the language, and they usually highly motivated and autonomous and Sergio Mulleri self-directed. Adults beginners lack confidence when they speak english, at this point, teaches can focus on the students' pronunciation problems and words correction when they giving the lessons. Some of the young beginners can?t see the benefits from their current studies, so they are not yet clear what they like to achieve by attending classes. They usually lack in motivation and knowledge. They need teachers to encourage them to build up their learning skills and motivation maybe by making the classes varied and interesting. Young beginners have short attention span, so fun games, short stories are more suitable for them. The young learners usually absorb information easier and learn quicker than adult learners. So when teachers give the lessons to them, need to have a slower and clear pronounced delivery and to use a higher pitch and exaggerated information. Another category of beginners from Asian countries with no Roman alphabet, those students will have to do a lot of exercise and start from the bases of the language, vocabulary building will be one of good teaching idea to help them to build up their language skills, e.g. reading and writing practices are necessary to build an initial learning platform. However, teaching any kind of category of beginners, teachers need to use plenty of pair or group works during the activities; pair the weak students with stronger ones together, give them plenty easy work to do. Allowed them to help each other, be as visual as possible, show lots pitchers from magazines or newspaper, role-playing; need to speak slowly and use short direct sentences; making the homework as part of their normal studies, etc.