Teach English in Guitou Zhen - Shaoguan Shi

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Pronunciation Phonology ? The study, science, analysis, and classification of the physical properties of sounds ? STRESS ? RHYTHM ? INTONATION Intonation ? The variation in volume and pitch in a whole sentence. o Stress is more concerned with individual words. ? Carries the message in a sentence o Particularly important in questioning, agreeing/disagreeing, or confirming statements o Fundamental in the expression of emotions or feelings (sadness, disbelief, uncertainty) ? Rise/fall intonation o With the falling intonation, you are also indicating that you have finished what you want to say in positive/negative statements, questions, greetings, and instructions ? Fall/rise pattern o This indicates surprise and often disagreement, but above all indicates that the speaker wants the person to whom he?s speaking to respond or confirm o Can also indicate that the speaker hasn?t finished what he or she has to say ? Flat level of intonation o Indicates that the speaker doesn?t really have that much to say, and perhaps doesn?t want to communicate Teaching intonation ? Nonsense words can be used to practice conveying attitude. o Say ?ching gar siod? with pride ? By gesture- sweep hands up and down to indicate general direction ? By humming or singing out sentences to hear the stress and intonation. Students don?t need to produce words. ? By writing and drawing arrows on the board Stress ? The stress/strong is the part of the word that bears the principal emphasis in the sentence