Teach English in Danchang Zhen - Maoming Shi

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Phonology is the study, science, analysis and classification of sound. Teaching students to pronounce words in English can be challenging due to the different variations in sounds for each word. In order to understand the phonetics of English pronunciation one should look at how the words are stressed, the rhythm and intonation. Intonation is considered to be the variation in volume and pitch in a whole sentence, where stress is concerned with the individual words. Intonation is fundamental in the expression of emotions or feelings. e.g. sadness, happiness etc. The normal pattern of intonation in a statement is the rise or fall intonation. The second common intonation pattern is the fall or rise pattern. This indicates surprise, disagreement and it also indicates that the speakers want a response or confirmation. Finally, there is the flat intonation which indicates that the speaker doesn?t have much to say or doesn?t want much communication. In additions intonation patterns can be used as predictors of nature and forecoming events. Techniques for indicating and teaching intonation are nonsense words, by gesture, humming and sing and making markings on the board. The strongest part of a sentence is the stressed word or words that bears the principal emphasis in the sentence. The rules about stress are 1. one word has only one stress, and can?t have two stresses and 2. we can only stress syllables, not individual vowels or consonants. Article are stressed while pronouns and preposition are normally unstressed. Techniques for indicating and teaching stress are contrastive stress, by gesture, choral work, using the board. There are four major ways that sounds join together in English, linking, sound dropping, sound changing and extra lettering. Voiced consonants vibrate while unvoiced consonants do not- this is purely because the movement of air, with no vibration of vocal chords.