Teach English in ShAba Zhen - Longnan Shi

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This unit taught the basics of English grammar, from the general overview such as nouns, verbs, and adjectives to the more specific pronouns, gerunds, and prepositions. I have learned how to break down sentences and use ways such as the Adverb Game to help students retain the information.Unit 9 deals with the topic of lesson planning, what benefits it has to offer, but also how not to be too reliant on it and be flexible in one's teaching. In doing so, it has provided me with concrete examples of lesson plans, as well as plenty of practice in the art of making one myself.Unit 13 was short and simple, most of it seemed to be information from previous units, overall I feel Ive learned a little bit the use of course books and authentic vs created material, I hope to be able to keep understanding this units in order to be able to complete them without delays.