Teach English in Jiadong Zhen - Shanwei Shi

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Same as Units 2, 4, 6, and 8, this unit provides a a very systematic introduction to English grammar, this time referring to conditional verbs and reported speech. As for the other four units focusing on English grammar, I found the content introduced in this unit quite easy, but very useful when teaching English learners. Non-native speakers of English often have difficulties learning the verb tenses in English even in direct speech, and the fact that verb tenses change when using reported speech makes it even more difficult for them to master the complex verb system in English. That`s why teachers need to perfectly understand the grammatical rules and usages of English tenses, as well as the changes occurring when using direct speech, to be able to explain them in a clear and systematic way to their students. As for the conditional verbs, they also make up a system which is more difficult than those existing in different other languages. Most grammar books tend to recognise four basic configurations of tenses in conditional sentences which vary in structure according to the time that we are talking about (past, present or future) and the meaning. These four types are normally referred to as the zero, first, second and third conditionals. Unit 16 takes a close look at the forms and meanings of each of these in turn and also introduces a fifth type of conditional, called the mixed conditional, as an alternative to these four basic types. The unit also provides useful ideas for teaching each of the grammatical rules introduced so far, which I hope I can use in my future career as an English teacher.