Teach English in Chong'An Zhen - Qiandongnan Miaozu Dongzu Zizhi

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Tests are essential because they allow both you and your students to evaluate their performance. You will discover what areas they are struggling with and they will find out where they need to focus their attention. Rather than save material from the whole year to include in one massive exam, consider quizzing students at the end of each chapter and then every quarter or semester to break material up into more reasonable amounts. Sometimes tests should focus on very specific material while others should be more comprehensive. It is important to check that students are retaining information in the long term and not just memorizing information. If possible the teacher must try to include a variety of exercises in his/her tests. Multiple choice tests have been a popular choice for educators for many years. True/false tests, a type of alternative response tests, are another long time favorite for many different teachers. Oral testing is particularly important in language classrooms because spoken language is the ultimate goal in any language program.