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There is much discussion in this day and age that some people consider a new language should be created for people from different countries to use for the international communication (unnatural and sentence too long) a new language should be created and used internationally. To be frank, I am in strong favor of the view that its demerits far outweigh its merits. (????? You are contradicting yourself. You say you are in favour of this view. BUT you believe there are more demerits than merits) To begin with, due to the fact that the language obstacle of international communications is always a thorny problem in the progression of global integration and cooperation, inventing a new universal language seems to be an excellent way to resolve this problem which is enable people from different countries to communicate more conveniently and effectively. (this sentence is too long. Writing this kind of sentence will give you low marks for sure) To begin with, it is very difficult for people to communicate, do business together, using their individual languages. By learning and using an international language, People do not have to transform a different language into their own language (unnatural) need to spend extra money or time for translations. This will also reduce will be conserved and understanding mistakes (unnatural) the number of misunderstandings. will be declined. Meanwhile, using an international current language (unnatural) an international language also can curtail even eliminate numerous gaps among variety of different nationality due to their dissimilar values and religions (this is repeating your previous point: reduce misunderstanding and understand each other more.. We will have more opportunities to achieve mutual understanding. (you should use an example to back up your point)