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Motivating StudentsMotivation is the driving force by which humans achieve their goals. students are not always internally motivated; they sometimes need situated motivation, which is found in environmental conditions that a teacher can create. However, there are many different types of students and these have varying degrees of motivation. The aim of the teacher is to teach but in order to do this successfully they must have students that are motivated to learn. There are students that learn English because they ?have to? as it is part of their education curriculum and the school they are in give the this opportunity, these students can vary in age from 5 years to 18 years and therefore are not entirely self- motivated. These types of students are perhaps the most challenging to teach as motivating these students needs to be one of the biggest components in the planning of each lesson. In planning a lesson a teacher needs to take into consideration the age of the children and therefor prepare a lesson suited to their needs. Teaching younger children often entails fun and exciting activities without too much writing and reading in the one lesson. A teacher needs to motivate the young children with visual aids and a lot of creative input. As the age of the students advances the motivation needs to continue and progress as they do. Some students (children) as they get older may lose interest in learning a new language and find it not as necessary as other subjects, this is where the teacher needs to find interesting motivating ideas to make those students continue to explore the fascinating idea of being able to communicate in more than one language. It is up to the teacher to find some new ideas to use in the lesson, perhaps finding out what a lot of the students hobbies or interests are can help motivate the teacher to motivate the students. Teaching adults is a little easier as far as motivation is concerned as these students are normally undertaking English as a second language class because they have chosen to do so. Their motivation may be to find a different type of employment, to travel, for self- development or purely because they want to. However, even though the students have had something in them motivating them to start a course of English as a second language does not mean that that motivation is going to automatically continue through the course, it is up to the teacher to make that motivation thrive and seep through from lesson to lesson or week to week. The teacher needs to be inventive and creative but also very empathetic to their students. Motivating the students is not only a key ingredient to a successful class but it is incredibly satisfying to see students arrive at a lesson motivated to learn something new. The teacher needs to install a lot of confidence in their students so that they know that their teacher is there to make sure that they learn and achieve the goal that their initial motivation set them out to do. Motivating adult students can be through using a lot of role plays creating ?real life? situations. To keep students motivated you can also go on small excursions and have the students use what they have learnt in an everyday situation and see how exciting it is to use what they are learning in the outside (of the classroom) world. A teacher needs a lot of motivating as well. This needs to come within the individual and if this is lost or not present the teacher will not succeed in having motivated students and therefor their job will be very unrewarding. Having a motivated teacher is essential to securing motivated students and therefor having a successful English course. As we said at the beginning, motivation is the driving force by which humans achieve their goals, and the goal of the teacher is to teach the students a new language and the goal of the student is to speak a new language.