Teach English in Taiyanggong Diqu - Beijing

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I wasn't too keen on doing the course, when I saw the first unit materials and the worksheet I thought I would be re-hashing old stuff that I didnt want to do all over again! HOWEVER, I found it to be a good revision of the teaching stuff and the course has definitely made me re-think about what I do now in the classroom and what I should be doing! So I will definitely employ different strategies that I have learnt from the course in my lessons e.g. more activate activities. My definite weakness is grammar and how to tackle problems, the students have. The course has definitely helped me with this and it has made me more aware of the need to understand the grammar tenses and structures and how to help the students more, especially at the higher end of the school. It has also provided me with a rich source of EFL resources that I wasn't aware of. I have always taught children and to be honest thats all I really want to do, but the course has given me an insight into Adult education. Perhaps down the line when I have had enough of teaching children I may consider adult education as a long term option. Overall, I found the course very good for me and Im glad I did it. It has given me more ideas about what I can do in the classroom and it has provided me with more resources. The most important thing that the course has done, is that it has given me the ESL perspective on teaching (teaching methods and stratergies - which really aren't all that different from normal mainstream teaching) but I think it has made me more empathetic towards the needs of my students and this is what I really wanted to understand. There are some areas that I need to work on and this course has certainly highlighted areas where I need to improve. Thanks