Teach English in Dongsi Jiedao - Beijing

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I have personally learned quite a bit from this course in terms of grammatical structures, lesson structures, lesson planning, creativity, classroom activities and in general, how to more effectively teach various groups of people. Before this course, I was well liked by my students because of my personality but not necessarily because I was a great teacher. I have implemented the information I have learned through this course and have seen the changes both in my classroom atmospheres but also in the receptiveness of my students. I am much more confident to teach grammar which makes the students less confused and more trusting in my skills as a teacher. I also have changed the way I approach every class with a fun review activity or warm up game which has helped dramatically to wake students up and get them participating more in class. Now after taking this course, I also start to envision a lesson before I teach it. I can now look at materials, see possible activities that could be done to teach in a fun way, and evaluate how they might go over in the classroom. I am also much better at knowing what activities are appropriate for students and to give them a variety of activities to challenge them and keep them on their toes. I have seen an uplift in my students? attitudes during class as well as a greater inner confidence and uplift in my own attitude towards every class. In the future, I am going to be working at an elementary school next year in which I am completely responsible for producing the lesson plans based on the text for the year. Without this course, I would be completely lost and unable to perform in this future working career. I will be able to take the lesson planning format for individual as well as series of lessons and know how to prepare and plan on paper to show my supervisors. I also will be able to take the activities and structure such as ESA/ESASA/EASASA, match the correct activity types to the correct stages for more effective structure and organization and hopefully be able to capture interest, keep it, encourage motivational learning and keep the students energized through the year and into their next learning steps. The feedback that I have received from my tutor will help me to know how to think about the true purpose of all my activities and if my ideas could truly be implemented in the classroom. I know next year and the years to come I will make mistakes and stumble, but I am confident I will better be able to prevent some of these events and more quickly pick myself off the ground, brush off the dirt and get back down to business while learning from my mistakes.