Teach English in Sidazhai XiAng - Anshun Shi

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Unit 5 dealt with the different teaching methodologies. I learnt that they are: Case study. 1. A case study should be chosen carefully. After introducing it to the students be sure to give a background. According to the text student interest in completing a case study has to built up. Then the language of the activity would need to be taught before hand. The mechanics of the activity would need to be taught followed by a demonstration. Students should then be given a frame work then left to complete the activity. Give your feedback then correction. 2. Frameworking: this involves the business starting conditions, the intermediate steps and the end results. 3. Problem based learning: The students work in groups to complete a problem. The group would contain a char person and someone to write down the minutes. 4. Games: Games are adapted to suit your lesson. 5: Computer aided language: Where students would research online for all information needed. 6: Speech act theory: This area is subdivided into (a) Utterance (b) propositional utterances (c) perlocutionary utterances and (d)Illocutionary utterances